A strategic consulting and venture capital house
with strong presence in Asia.
VIVACE Consulting

Our mission is to help our ambitious clients who desire to create the future for a sustainable growth.
We try to deliver new perspectives and integrated solutions to achieve better, more desirable results for our clients.
We have strong commitment and professional for outstanding results well aligned with our clients’success.
We provide wide range of functional capabilities from financial consulting, alternative investment, M&A advisory services and startup incubation, venture investment across industries and countries.
In particular, we focus on supporting our clients to explore new business and investment opportunities in Korea and Southeast Asian countries with our deep expertise and strong networks in the region.
Finance, M&A

Private equity
investment and Refinancing,
Corporate M&A
Financing Arrangement

Venture Investment

Startup incubation,
Managing investment
funds and Investors

Real-estate development

Real-estate investment,
Real-estate and Infrastructure
project financing,
SOC development projects

New Business, Consulting

IT & Cloud Business,
EV & Renewable Energy business(solar, wind),
Bio & Healthcare, Educations